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We have over 20 years of experience in a wide range of earth anchoring services.

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We Are Earth Retaining Specialists

When it comes to retaining walls, we have the team and the tools for fantastic results.

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Our Team

Warren and Mike are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions.

With 30+ years of combined experience in their field,

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Our Services

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  • Hillside Stabilization

    At Anchortech we provide many solutions to your earth retaining needs.hillside stabilization is a process where we de-water the problematic area with a slot-draining system that redirects the under ground water which then stabilizes the area of concern.

  • Anchor Testing

    Anchortech stands by their Earth Anchoring products. weather it be a mechanical type Anchor or a soil nail, we provide the equipment to proof test each type of Anchor to whatever the desired working load as designed by the engineers.

  • Bridge/Tunnel Anchoring

    At Anchortech we have the expertise and machinery to provide many different types of Earth Anchors for all your bridge or tunnel repairs.

  • Inspections

    Anchortech provides over 30+ years experience in Earth Anchoring and retaining, so the team has an array of knowledge when it comes to soil types and the best Anchoring system to attain the desired engineered results.

  • Retaining walls

    Anchortech build retaining walls for both commercial and private clients. We begin by assesing the area which is to be retained and then come up with a earth retaining solution that will suit the clients wants and needs, to provide a long-lasting, secure and tidy end result.  Our retaining walls usually range between 1 – 5 metres in height. Anchortech has all the right machinery to complete the job from start to finish. Let us help you find the perfect solution for the job at hand.

  • Grouted Soil Nails

    A soil nail is a process where we can drill a 100mm to 150mm hole into the area of concern, then place a centralized high grade steel component. We then pump grout into the drilled hole, which has a very high MPA ratingso that the bond between the steel bar and earth gets the greatest hold for the longevity of the project. This process can give very high Kn loads in the right soil types.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here at Anchor Tech, we supply and install earth anchors, build retaining walls, site earthworks, general drilling, grouting services, drill slot drains, hillside stabilization, Portacon anchors, power pilon anchoring, bridge and tunnel A.

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